Creating a grid for word-puzzle game?

Which would be the best way to create a grid like that? I am a programmer but I’m not very experienced with game-programming.

Each cell would need to store a letter value, which would be randomly generated! Any ideas? This is what I had in mind, but I couldn’t even show it on screen! Code: Grid Unity -

Thanks in advance!


Why do you use a Vector3 instead of a vector2?

Couldn’t you just use a two dimensional array like string[x, y] for positioning and let the string be the letter to draw? Then loop through string[x, y] like you currently do and have and have an array string for the alphabet. Then you just do something like Random.Range(0, string.count) and assign it to string[x, y]?

Also, when drawing the GUI.Box, use the x,y-coordinates from string[x,y] to determine position (top, left) and with the text string[x,y]?