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Learn the basics of Unity in under an hour with our Creator Kits - they're like miniature versions of the bigger Game Kits. Aimed at complete beginners, create your own beautiful physics-based puzzle using ramps, dominoes, spoons and switches to guide your super shiny marble through your marvellous machine. Learn about Unity’s physics system in this step by step beginner tutorial.

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hey I am facing some problem with this kit. (Unity version - 2019.3.0)
1. project has invalid dependencies.
2. namespace playerloop does not exist.
please help me out.

@jyotshana_unity Hello there! We generally only verify our projects work on released versions of Unity. Do you still get these problems on 2019.1?

yeah, It does not work with 2019.3 and that sucks. if I was a new user and just get excited with this project. and download the unity the first time. I would certainly download the 2019.3 why? because there is no way to know which version is alpha for an untrained eye. And there is no (not a single) warning about version incompatibilities regarding to project in "Unity Learn"
Yeah, you created very nice learning opportunity here but you lose all newcomers by the same time.

I don't know how you manage this but you are doing it every single time. Please stop. stop and think about your standard QA criteria.

The puzzle is really nice, thank you very much for that. A few questions if I may:

  • I tried to create a pinball from it, but when I rotate the flipper by 90 degree and hit the space bar, nothing happens. Why is that and how can I change that?

  • collision detection is Discrete instead of Continuous Speculative. Wouldn't the latter be more appropriate?

  • on the Flipper gameobject RigidBody and Hinge Joint aren't editable, not even in the prefab. Why is that and how can I make it editable?

@NorthStar79 Hello there, thanks for your feedback. Do you think we should do something to make it more obvious which the intended versions are? At the moment it's only implicit that we only support released/non-beta/non-alpha versions.

@Rowlan Hello there, I will do my best to answer your questions. Firstly if you know what the difference between discrete and continuous speculative collision detection is, this project might be a bit too beginner for you. The target audience for this project is someone with no game development experience at all. Everything is locked off so that beginners have fewer opportunities to go wrong. For example, that's why the Rigidbody and Hinge Joint components are greyed out when you look at the Flipper's inspector.
* The Flipper script simply turns on the Hinge Joint's Motor. In order to make it work in different directions, you may need to adjust the direction of the hinge's axis. This will depend on exactly how you are rotating it though.
* Continuous Speculative is generally good for very fast moving colliders, not really required for this kit but if you want to speed things up then it might be worth switching.
* Should have read this question before I answered it above! So as I mentioned, this is aimed at absolute beginners and we've done our best to cater for them specifically - options are limited in order to try and stop users from doing things outside of the scope of the kit. To make them editable, open the InteractivePuzzlePieceEditor script and comment out the OnEnable and OnDisable methods.

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This project is aimed at complete beginners meant as an introduction to Unity.
It is very closely tied with the tutorial found here: We have tried to close off some options to make it more difficult to make mistakes or to do things outside of the tutorial's scope. This does not mean that people who aren't absolute beginners cannot use the kit but they should be aware of the reasoning behind a lot of the decisions made when developing this project.

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My 2nd marble stuck in air. how can i solve this problem. i specify the starting marble and target marble both.

@roshan090 It sounds like your marbles are stuck with IsKinematic being true. This is set to false for the starting marble when the level timer starts but should be set to false by default for all other marbles.

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thank i got it.
but for other marbles they are also IsKinematic. how can they unchecked IsKinematic run time or i should unchecked them manually ?

You can write this in bold into the top of the Learn page

[quote=“JamesB”, post:7, topic: 749313]
This project is aimed at complete beginners meant as an introduction to Unity.

I really love what you guys are doing here. And I wish there were more. This project actually made me want to try to create a [pinball machine]( page-4#post-4771460). It would be really nice if you guys would extend this tutorial with even more physics examples.

By the way which license is that, i. e. can the scripts be freely used?

@roshan090 you need to manually set the ones that are not part of the timing system.
@NorthStar79 we are are in the process of making a change like this I believe (I'm not in charge of the Asset Store side of things).
@Rowlan everything that we make you are totally free to use in whatever way you wish. The only exception is fonts, we do our best to provide fonts that are totally free for any use but always check the license that we provide with them before using them.


i checked this kit and found this kit is purely designed for the pc games because you are using post processing in it
i tried to implement light weight render to convert mobile game but m losing lighting and fog effects how i can convert the post processing render for mobile

Thank you

I just started this just started this as a way to get more familiar with the changes made to Unity 2019.2, and it turns out that while the instructions say that this is compatible with Unity 2019.1 and 2019.2, it's not possible to open with Unity 2019.2 if you follow the instructions.

I'll repeat, for those that follow the tutorial's instructions, it is NOT possible to open the project if you use Unity 2019.2. I'm sure it's possible to open it if you don't follow the instructions, but if this tutorial is intended for beginners then it failed at the very start. Step one of the tutorial says it can be done with Unity 2019.2, and step two (which is basically, open the project that we will be using for all of this) can NOT be completed if you use Unity 2019.2.

That's a bit of an issue.

@fct509 Hello there, sorry to hear it's going wrong for you. We've tested with 2019.2 and it seems to be working fine. Could you please elaborate on what exactly is going wrong so we can look into this further? Does the Unity editor completely fail to open? The more details the better. Thank you.

I, personally, am able to open the project with Unity 2019.2. Yet, I'm able to do so, because I'm not a beginner, which is the intended audience. I did not say that the project doesn't work with Unity 2019.2, I said that instructions in the tutorial do not work with Unity 2019.2. I'm sorry if I gave that impression.

So, as the tutorial is right now, a person won't be able to open this unless they first open it with Unity 2019.1. If a User were to follow the instructions as they are written, this makes Unity 2019.1 a requirement that cannot be substituted with Unity 2019.2. The instructions say that this tutorial "is only compatible with Unity 2019.1 onward". That quote gives the implication that you should be able to follow the instructions from the very start with Unity 2019.2, which is not the case. Also, Section 1 says to download the latest official release of Unity, which is currently Unity 2019.2.3f1. That's two locations that give the impression that a User should be able to follow this tutorial with Unity 2019.2 from start to finish.

Section 2, step 5 (to be precise) tells the User to click on the "OPEN PROJECT" button inside the "Learn" tab of Unity Hub. This button is grayed out unless you have at lease one version of Unity 2019.1 installed. So, if the User doesn't have Unity 2019.1 installed on the machine they are using, then continuing by following the instructions will not be possible for the intended audience.

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The creator puzzle kit is really awesome but i'm really facing a problem. When I build the project, the only scene that opens is the menu. Apart from that, none is opening:(. It's really getting me annoyed

@Seniorman14 could you describe what is happening in a little more detail please? Are there options to open other scenes in the menu but they don't work or are there no scenes at all? When you build, which scenes are in the build settings menu?

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