Display as Landscape in mobile (unity remote)

how can i run my game as landscape in unity remote, and fix it stretching. also, will my game turn out exactly the way it does in unity remote? when using unity remote, does the computer process the game or does the computer just get input from the touchscreen and output for display and sound

Also, check your player settings (File/Build Settings) to see if the Default orientation is set to Auto Rotation, or a specific orientation…

Hi there.

Simply turning your phone in landscape mode should trigger switch, unless you messed up with some specific option.

When it comes to data, Unity is just streaming it and reading information from phone, such as :

Touch input



Device camera streams

Here’s also a quote :

When you use Unity Remote, the game actually runs in the Unity editor while its visual content is streamed to the target device.

It also means that quality will be lowered.

You can in fact read everything about it on official Manual page, here : http://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/UnityRemote4.html

Unity will also switch aspect ratio when you change phone mode while using Unity Remote, but I’m not sure will your game look like that once compiled.