double-sided plane with texture?

how do i create a double-sided plane with a transparent texture on one side, that is visible from the backside as well (mirror-inverted)?

There are many ways to do this:

  • Create a two sided plane mesh in your 3D editor of choice.
  • Use a two-sided shader.
  • Use two back-to-back plane primitiveas, parented to a single empty game object, and work with the parent gameobject instead.

Some of the particle shaders are two-sided, such as "Particles/Alpha Blended". This shader will use the alpha channel of the texture you provide for transparency, but you can also fade the shader in and out as a whole by adjusting the alpha value of the Tint Color. You can set the Tint Color in your scripts by using Material.SetColor.

If you want a two-sided version of one of the other built-in shaders which isn't currently two-sided, you'll need to:

Then use your new custom shader in your material.

Yep, I agree with CULL Off method, but you must avoid Parallax built-in shaders if you don't want to get strange behaviour on the backside. Classical bumpmapping works good ;-)

You can use this package on asset store if you like.

It maybe fit your description. Use standard double sided shader and rendering mode: transparent.
It draws double sided meshes with accurate lighting in single draw call and pass.


You can solve it by choosing in the Shader field: UI/Unlit/Detail