Exclude certain objects from getting lit

Hi there guys. Im trying to implement the instant radiosity technique in unity, and im having a problem. I need to make so, that each emissed photon(pointLight) wouldnt light the surface its hitting. Since i have about 300 photons(pointLights) and about 100 object in the scene its impossible to use Culling Mask on lights, i just wont have enough layers to cover all the objects.
So, is it possible to exclude the one object (not layer) from being affected by light? And if possible, how can i do this?

Well if you use the selfillumative (i think it calles :x) shader it does not get lit. But that is sometimes a little annoying if you are using a custom shader.
Hope it helps

No, afaik there’s no way to implement this. That’s nothing you can do on shader level since it’s different per object in your case.

Your question title is a bit confusing since it asks for the opposite. You asked to exclude “certain objects” from being lit, but you actually want exclude a certain light (per object). Lighting happens the other way round. The object is drawn and all lights that are in range are taken into account inside the shader. Maybe there’s a way to write a custom shader and intercept a given light “position”, but i’ve never done something like that :slight_smile: