fragmented heightmap in unity

Hi and Hello,

my problem is that i created a heightmap in ps ( 1025x1025 ) heightmap ( looks not like an normal heightmap but its the plan :D )

now i imported it in unity and unity "destroyed" it screenshot

i hope someone can help me and i hope i dnt oversight something in unity or in the forum

best regards

You definitely specified the wrong import settings. If you have exported your heightmap correctly as RAW, you have to give the exact parameters on importing.

RAW format doesn’t contain any header with information about the data. Unity guesses the settings from the file size but that’s wrong in most cases :D.

A RAW file just contains the height values, nothing else. Make sure you have set the right width/height and Bit count. If you use a 16bit heightmap make sure the byteorder maches the fileformat (but that looks good to me). Maybe the program you used added a header to the file that's why you get an offset and the lines get messed up.

I've just tried it one more time with photoshop and it works. Unity only supports resolutions that are power of two plus one!!!

If you set the resolution to 512 it will be clamped to 513 so the heightmap is 513x513 pixels

I've exported as windows byteorder/16Bit

Maybe you forgot to set the image mode to 16bit before exporting:

Bild->Modus->16 Bit pro Kanal

thank you :D this was my problem ( and Bild->Modus->Graustufen ) :D :D

yeah right .... but all is like you say ( i think ) the heightmap tex is 1025x1025 ( power of 2 1024 + 1 = 1025 ) the raw export window lokk like this: raw export image

and the other setting are still the same like the image links above.

this sucks ... i dnt know what is the problem.

how you can specify that photoshop export as windows in 16 bit ? i only have the options that shown in the image link.

i hope that this will help

best regards