Host keeps getting [Scene '' couldn't be loaded because it has not been added to the build settings]

Whenever a client tries to connect to the host the exception keeps poping up on the host and prevents syncing.

The scene is on the build list and is loaded from the unity scene manager.

i'm using NGO version 1.8, parrel sync, default unity transport. The issue is still present in 1.7.1.

There is most likely an issue with the parrel Sync clone cache.
You will want to clear those or if you want to verify this is the issue create a new clone and test with that to see if the issue goes away.

deleted the old and created a new clone, same issue.

can't seem to figure out clear the cache to give it a full clean.

There are two things you can do to verify if it is parrel sync or not:

  • Option 1:

  • Make a stand alone build and just test with two (or more) local stand alone build instances running.

  • Option 2:

  • Copy the following directories into a new directory (outside of your project's current directory):

  • Assets

  • Packages

  • Once done, add that to your Unity Hub and open it as a new project

If it is specific to parrel sync, then either of the two should work and not throw that exception.

can’t seem to get the error to go away, i can’t find out how to clear the cache for the clones

Are you creating any scenes during runtime?
If not, could you post the full exception with the stack trace?

i figured out what my issue is.

It turns out that when i’m loading the scene, the initialization flow was taking too long that the client would disconnect from the host mid process. reconnecting it post load would expose that error; but further investigation found that our scene management was the problem. after reviewing our flow, the error is no longer appearing.

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Ahh... ok.. glad you found the issue!