How can I change the icon of a script within the Project View?

is it possible to change the icon of a script in the project view within unity? If so, how?

This is possible in Unity 4+ [might be available in older versions as well, no idea but the question is almost 3 years old]

You can click on the script in the project view and in the top left of the inspector you will see the default C#/JS script icon with a tiny little drop down arrow. Click on the C#/JS icon and you’ll see a drop down for picking custom icons.

The above answer will not work as the custom icon will get lost when the asset is re-imported or the project re-opened.

See for the right solution.

Very old question and outdated answer. So lets update it, shall we? It is very easy to set a custom icon for any script.


  1. Select the script that you want to assign the icon to.
  2. Switch the Inspector from Normal to Debug (how?).
  3. Drag any imported texture from the Project View into the Icon field.

Now your custom icon will display in the Project View, Inspector, and as a Gizmo in the Scene View. You may need to collapse and re-expand the folder that the script is in to update the Project View.

Not easily; you'd have to hack the resources of the Unity app.

I know this is an old question, however I see that this question is still being added to.

What if I have 2 scripts with icons attached to the same game object. Is there a way to get both icons to show up in the scene view?