How can I disable gamepad input, for my UI?

Hey, I have a program that’s controlled via gamepad, but as part of the UI, there are settings in the form of buttons, sliders, toggles, etc.
So the questions is: How can I make these settings UI elements, only be activate-able by mouse input? Because at the moment, whenever I move the stick on the gamepad, or press a button, it activates some of the UI elements.

Using the 4.6 UI

I found a solution. It will also disable keyboard interaction, but it works for me.

In the EventSystem object, that is created when you first create a canvas, under the “Event System” component, there’s a toggle called “Send Navigation Event”. Un-check that to limit gamepad and keyboard interaction.

Hope it helps someone else :slight_smile:

In the EventSystem Input Module, I set Horizontal Axis and Vertical Axis to ‘Ignore’, and then in the Input Managed added an Axis with the name Ignore, and set the Axis and JoyNum to a high number, like Type Joystick Axis, 28th axis Joystick 16. This only obscures the features really, but think is acceptable.