How do I open .unity3D files?


I have some files with the extension .unity3D and I’d like to open them. The are in my computer, not in the web.
Well, how do I do it?

That doesn’t sound like you are developing games (more like you try to steal some content?) unity3D files are webbuilds. The only way you can “open” them is when it’s embedded in a webpage and opened with a browser that have the Unity WebPlayer installed. You can’t access any of the data in those packages, that’s why it’s a build.

As @Bunny83 stated above, .unity3d files are not able to be opened/edited. The assets within a .unity3d file are stored in a proprietary, closed format to protect proprietary data. (Source)

However, you can embed them in a webpage to view them if you have the Unity web player installed. I created a sample page to do this here.

Old topic but you can decompile .unity3d assets using a program called Unity Obfuscator, which gives you .assets and .dll files from the build.

You then take the sharedassets0.assets file it creates into unity and run a reflection script that goes through and copies all the components into a folder.

Download and install Unity Web Player and open your .unity3d file using firefox or any browser that fits you.

How to open using browser:

  1. If you have a unity3d file downloaded on your PC. Simply right click the file then click the “open with” command.
  2. Choose a browser from the list such as Firefox or browse to search a browser for yourself.
  3. Be sure that you installed Unity Web Player on your computer.

Anyone who is here to find out how to open a Unity3D file with deprecated versioning, Grab Unity Web Player, open Internet Explorer and inspect Element. Top right, change the number “11” to anything below it".

This is for people wanting to run deprecated web applications that come with a Unity3D file and an HTML page.

I’m having the same issue… I want a supposedly editable (or usable?) file provided by an artist on DeviantArt, to be able to be edited, but all I can find is people saying that basically, because the files that make up the whole, are in .unity3d format, there’s no way to use it or convert it to be used… Wish there was a way to do as the artist suggests and have some kind of control over the model, for instance, the artist in question, (it’s a halo Cortana model) has a picture depicting 3 different versions that can supposedly be interchanged between, with the unsaid possibilities for editing being endless, one version being your standard skintone naked lady, while the other two are basically the same naked lady look but with the differing Cortana colors and designs instead of the usual skintone. How they can claim that it’s editable or ready to use or something, is beyond me, because it CAN’T be used how I want to use it, example being used in an output format that the device or program it will be used in can read and use… That file format being .glb or something like that, and not .unity3d… I just don’t get why an artist would create something that’s supposed to be able to be used, yet the files you get are basically in an unusable format