How to create smooth map border lines from point

Hey guys,

I had a question concerning the best way to smooth out lines that represent borders on a map. Currently I have the following:

alt text

My current implementation includes finding all of the points (pixels) for a border on a PNG texture that represents the map and then creating triangle meshes from them. As you can see however, my lines aren’t very smooth and I’m wondering what would be the best route (algorithm) to smooth them up.

Note also that for each province I render a border, so really the border that you see in the image is made up of two sides. Any smoothing algorithm will need to keep both sides of the border in sync (the thickness of the border is also controlled by a BorderWidth variable).

Also (side question), when I apply a normal map to the terrain I get this weird shadow in the “Scene” View…, not sure if that’s normal but I thought I’d slip in that question.


Instead of drawing the lines into the texture, have you thought of creating a mesh that adapts to the terrain itself like Terrain Grid System does ? Check out this video: Terrain Grid System overview (1/2) - YouTube