How to make a 2d animation repeat

Attatched is a screenshot of my animator. I want the animation jrpg walk to loop while the player’s speed is above .5. the why i have done it is far from perminent. i have it setup, so from idle, when the player’s speed is greater than 0, the walk animation starts, but i created a duplicate so that the two could go back and forth as long as the speed remains above .5. How can i get it so that when the player is still, use the idle animation, and when he is in motion, play the walk animation(making the walk animation loop without having two of the same walk animation)?

Get rid of the duplicate walk animation.

Navigate to the folder in your assets where the walk animation is saved.
Then select the animation and on the inspector you will find an option called Loop time.
Tick that and you are good to go.

Here is a picture I got from the internet to show you.59244-unity-book-stop-looping-animation.jpg