how to run one exe from other exe and load scene which selected from one exe

i m little bit struck over how to run one exe from another . i want to run one exe from another
and also i want to run the scene that i selected from one exe
for ex.
menu (exe-1)
game 1 (exe-2) {“level 1”,“level 2”, so on}
game 2 (exe-3) {“level 1”,“level 2”, so on}

now i want to run game 1 exe and “level 2” but from menu

so is it possible or not ?
and if yes then how?
please help …

using System.Diagnostics;
public void StartProcess()
Process mProcess = new Process();
mProcess.StartInfo.FileName = “C:/Windows/System32/notepad.exe”; //change the path
this is for running external .exe files also you can pass , if am not mistaken, arguments to the new process with URL (to determine the level).

I don’t get why you need to do this, the Scene system is here for you.

But there is a good answer for you :

Application.OpenURL ((Application.dataPath) + "/mjpeg-player/sample2.html");

How to launch a .exe (unity answer)

Proccess start tutorial (C#)

And to transmit data between programs, you can try to pass arguments to it or just write a file when you launch a program (with the scene info inside), and read it in the launched program