Load A Scene In A Separate Project

I’ve got a straightforward question. I haven’t seen anyone ask about it so I’m asking now. I want to be able to create a menu with two buttons. Each button loads one game or the other. I know I can click on a button and have it load a scene that’s in the project with the menu scene. I want to know if I can click on a button and have it load a scene that’s in a completely separate project? The reason I’m asking is that I would prefer to work in separate projects for each game to keep my project neat and organized because that’s how I like to work. I would prefer not to have assets for different games mixed in folders. Yes, I know I can fix this with some labeling but essentially adding up all the scripts, sprites, assets, prefabs, and materials are more than I’m comfortable with. Please let me know. Thank you for your time.

I don’t think that’s possible, because if you build a game, that means that you have built all of the files in that game and not other projects’ files, so it can’t access other projects.

you would only be able to start another unity editor instance with the game and scene there. there’s no way you can just load a scene from one project into another. all the assets needed have been imported into that project folders library and that’s where the scene is looking for on deserialization.
you can start with this: