I am not able to download unity editor. Install failed: permission denied, mkdir '/Applications/Unity'

This is my first time downloading unity and I am a school student who is trying learn multiple programming languages. I get this error when I install Unity editor and select Unity-2022-3-LTS.4f1 silicon LTS:

Install failed: permission denied, mkdir ‘/Applications/Unity’.

I am on mac, not an administrator have already check ‘read & write’ permissions… and nothing works for me.

Have you tried installing the Unity editor to a different folder, like your user folder? To do this, in the Unity Hub, select “Install” for the desired version of the editor, then click “Change Location” to select a different installation folder.

You must have not been an administrator, therefore, it showed access denied as you are probably a standard user with normal computer rights while the administrator has access to the whole platform and etc. If you want, you can change your account from standard to admin which would make your life easier or just reopen unity with admin (right-click and click run as administrator, not unity hub) You could also change the instances when the UAC prompt is required but the best option is that your account should be an administrator (it is not required but it’s your choice as then you would have to enter the admin account pin to do stuff that is above your access level :slight_smile: ).

I know this may be a little confusing as I am not the best explainer but tell me if any questions!


Still struggling to do this directly. But if you’re trying to open an existing project with the missing editor, Unity Hub will let you directly install the missing editor after seeing the editors missing.

Thanks, KatherineHowarth, but i had already figured this out after few hours of putting this message on… THANKS!