i cant see anything in the game!

when i put a game object or terrain in i cant see it! i press F key nothing happens. i try zooming in it seems never to come into focus...can anyone help me?

first, besure you have a camera, light, a terrain/plain... and then read tutorials...

Do you mean the actual GAME?

If so, maybe you should try adding in a light. Also make sure you have a camera in there too. I'd highly recommend you take a screen shot if this is the problem.

Or do you mean the scene?

What I mean by this is editing the game. If so, make sure you're on the game tab... Because I remember I stared stupidly at the screen for about 2 min. thinking why it wasn't letting me edit my game. So make sure you're in the SCENE tab, and not the GAME tab... Again a screen shot would help...

Post a screeny if neither of these work.



sorry..my computer wont take screen shots ...its the zoom really ,i have selected the object/terrain but when i try to zoom in on it it just seems to be miles away , and i cant get at it...

Select a object(one of the "miles away" ones) in the Hierachywindow, move the mousecourser into the Scenewindow and then press F key. If you only hitting F key nothing will happen.

There is a "Layers" dropdown menu in the upper right of Unity's program. You may have accidentally unchecked the "Default" layer. Hopefully that should fix your issue

I have exactly the same problem. When I try to create the terrain or a game object like a cube or a sphere, I never see in the scene view what I have created. Of course the current object is always selected in the Hierarchy view and then pressed F over the scene view. But the only thing I see are the three axes and not the object along with. Please help. I tried uninstalling, redownloading and reinstalling unity but nothing is happening!