I dont know what EditorLoop is in my profiler?,I don't know what EditorLoop is in my profiler?

I don’t know what EditorLoop is in my profiler and it’s using 10ms, which I think is a lot (kinda new to this) and don’t know how to fix this. And the current problem im having in my game is that some OnTriggerEnter functions aren’t working. My game involves multiple little AI with raycasts and stuff if that helps.

EditorLoop in the profiler means the resources used by the UnityEditor itself. While running your game in the editor this overhead is added, but don’t worry the standalone build won’t have this overhead.

If you have 50% -98% profiler value for EditorLoop, try to close Scene editor windows.
I spent a life with finding out what takes the FPS from 100+ to 20~.
Switching to the default layout (only one scene window), solved my problem.

(I leave this comment for everyone, who search for it on the internet.)

In case anyone finds this answer in the future, you can see EXACTLY what the editor loop is doing by swapping what the Profiler is profiling.

By default this value is set to PlayMode, but there are other options such as Editor and “Enter IP” If you select Editor then you can see a break down of what the EditorLoop is doing.

Really handy for debugging any sort of OnValidate/OnGui or any other Inspector specific logic!

In my case it was due to Multithread Rendering. After disabling Multithread Rendering in Player settings a Semaphore.waitForSignal not appeared in profiler anymore.

By the way it doens’t fixed the issue with CPU performance and enabling such option looks reasonable for devices with multiple or advanced (more than 1 thread) cores. But at least it helped to face with another errors for investigation the root cause ^^

my editor is taking 40 ms on a high end system help