Internal build system error

So one day I was trying to make a function for my player in my game, and I turned on debug mode. It wasn’t working, so I turned it off. But it wasn’t closing. So I went into Task Manager and closed Unity. When I went back, this error was in the console when I modified my script and pressed ctrl + s. Then this error popped up in the console: “Internal build system error. read the full binlog without getting a BuildFinishedMessage, while the backend process is still running.” I need help. By the way, this has nothing to do with actually building the game for execution, is has to do with compiling the scripts, I think, because the thing that was taking long to finish while turning off debug mode was “compiling scripts”. I was trying to delete the “Library” folder from going into the Windows Explorer and deleting it,but it said it was still running and I’m not sure if I should still continue. I tried deleting the “Logs” folder, but that didn’t work either.

I got my project back. Turns out to delete the library folder, the file that was still running was a file that had something to do with bee [and then something else]? It said a process named bee_backup was using it. So I went into Task Manager and closed it. Then I deleted the Library folder and opened the project. The project was empty. All you have to do is go to your scenes folder and open up your game scene.