Keyframes Being Created on Every Frame

I have an FBX animation with keyframes on frame 0, 1, and 150.

When I bring the FBX animation into Unity 5.3.4f1, I get keyframes on every frame. I would like to only have the original keyframes present. I thought I had found a way to do this earlier but can’t seem to find the solution again.

Is it possible to have the animation in Unity contain only the original keyframes?


If you follow this Link you will find an custom script that disables the keyframe-interpolation when you import a fbx. (It seems like drag&drop also gets deactivated)

You need to create a c# script and insert the written lines.
It will create a Menu Bar named “TreeViewUtility”. Hit the toggle button and import the fbx again.

     using UnityEditor;
     using UnityEditorInternal;
     using UnityEngine;
     static class TreeViewUtils
         [MenuItem("TreeViewUtility/Toggle Animation")]
         static void ToggleAnimation()
             const string prefKey = "TreeViewExpansionAnimation";
             bool newValue = !EditorPrefs.GetBool(prefKey, true);
             EditorPrefs.SetBool(prefKey, newValue);
             Debug.Log("TreeView animation is now " + (newValue ? "enabled" : "disabled"));