Linking various animations to one character

I have got some animations about one character. But I don’t know how to link them to it.
Every time I click different button, the animation for each button event must be executed, but it doesn’t.
I’ve followed the every step of manual but it still didn’t work. Please Help me .
I am very busy as a bee.

Its a pretty vague description you’ve given but the idea is to create an animation controller, then drag all the animations you have made into the Animation Window.

Once you have all of them in there its a case of setting parameters to activate them when you want. The easiest I find is to use bools. So lets say you have a Jump animation, you simply make a bool and call it say "Jump". then in your script you pop in an Animator and name it. So if its your character…

public GameObject player;
public Animator anim;

then in void start you assign it.

anim = player.GetComponent<Animator>();

then whenever you want to play that animation you set the bool.

If( /* whatever you want to trigger the animation */ )
    anim.SetBool( "Jump" , true );

If your talking about a button as you said in your question you would do the exact same thing but make voids for it.

Void Jump()
    anim.SetBool("Jump", true);

and so on.

Thank you, I’ve already done in the way what you said but the animation is executing continuously.
I did as the following pic, but the animation executes by itself, not by a button click event.