New feature: Triggers (automation of server side actions)

Hello Cloud Code users!

We are excited to announce that we release a new and very powerful Cloud Code feature: Triggers.

Triggers enable the automation of server side actions as the result of another server event from Unity Gaming Services or at a set moment in time (one-time or recurring) using the Scheduler service. They enable Cloud Code scripts and modules to be run automatically, without the need for a client to make a request to the server.

With this first version, use UGS CLI or API to create and deploy your triggers and run a Cloud Code script or module when an event is emitted and use the API to create your scheduled events.

Dashboard support is on its way, you’ll soon be able to create and edit your triggers directly from the Unity Dashboard.

Check our documentation to get started with Triggers!

Also, we created a few samples for you to play with and learn how to integrate this in your games:

Currently, Triggers is compatible with Authentication, Cloud Save and Leaderboards events, let us know by commenting in this thread if you’re interested in seeing more services implemented and which ones. Also, please feel free to share feedback as we’re always looking for how to make our features better for you!