One camera in multiplayer?

Can we use more cameras than one in Unity networking? For example a player drives a car and we can see the car from outside (Third Person View ). Then, we can see the world from inside (as if we were inside the car). The player can switch the cameras during a game. I tried to do so, bu the second camera isn’t recognized on clients, only on host. Is there only one camera for one player in Unity networking?

Try reading this post for I think this person does a great job explaining ‘Cameras’ in multiplayer.

a Camera is just like any other GameObject, so there’s no reason for it to be restricted to “only one”.

Did you put a networkidentity to your camera? I think your problem is that your camera exists on the server instead of on the client. It has to be on the client (local player authority), so that each client sees through its own camera.

You could also use a prefab camera that would be instantiated by the client when he gets inside the car.