Pick up (walking over) and check for item (needed for pickup)

Hi, once again i need help, sorry.
I’m trying to achieve that the player needs a Item (Hacke) in order to pick up the “roteGem” in my code. neither is working but in other game it works like in the code. i tried the tags, i tried debug los (game finds the tag, first one and i don’t know how to check for all gems) i tried trigger at player, i tried trigger at gems. neither is working. now i’m at my wits end and would appreciate every help i can get.
i attach screenshots with the settings in unity and the other side the code

Removed all triggers and changed DestroyImmediate to Destroy.
Somehow it works now. Don’t know why but it works…


DestroyImmediate is for Editor-only use, to destroy objects outside Play mode.
Destroy is for Play mode (when game is playing).