Problems downloading Unity3

Hi all, I am trying currently to download the new version of unity. but after downloading and instaling it gives me a message saying

"This version of Unity requires authorization for you to use it. Please press the "Register" button to begin the authorization process. A one time 30-day free trial is available to everyone."

i went to this link to download the new unity.

  • here is the link
  • I am trying to download the free version, although it looks like it told me I downloaded pro.

Please Help. Thanks!

When you download Unity, it gives you the option to install either the free version or full version with a license. Either way, it requires you to register.

Click "Register", and follow the registration steps to obtain a license. Once you complete them, you will be able to use the free version of Unity.

Hi. Im having problems to install unity engine too. A message appears:

Thank you for downloading Unity
You’ve chosen the game engine designed to provide all the core functionality needed, right out of the box, to develop great games.

Whether you are upgrading an existing Unity installation or are checking out the trial for the first time, you don’t have to wait for your download to complete in order to take advantage of what Unity has to offer.

But in fact its the first time that im trying to install it and nothing happens.

Can you please help?

note: i’ve installed the web player without any problems