Push Notifications - Localization

I just started to use Push Notifications package and I can't find an answer to pretty simple question. Will this package provide way to localize notification? At the moment when I create notification in UGS Dashboard I don't see this option.

Hi there!

Thank you for your question and feedback. Unfortunately, we don't offer localisation with Push Notifications at this time. It's definitely something that's near the top of our list of improvements we'd like to make but I can't provide a timeline for that at this moment.

How many languages/locales do you plan to localise for?



At the moment our game is localized in 12 languages and that would be our target in notifications as well. In our case it's especially important for markets in Japan and India where english proficiency is considered low-moderate and english notification can considerably reduce engagement.

Hi, I was looking for that information, our company is currently using a paid service and we'd love to switch to Unity push notification services as we're using a lots of Unity services and they're nice to use.
Unfortunately we have 20 languages and it's too complicated/messy to create 20 segments and so many different notifications at the moment.
Do you have any idea when this feature will be added?

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