Really confused about android pro licence

I’ve gotten really confused from reading different questions and explanations on the difference between Unity pro and the add-on Android pro.

If I have a game I’ve made using the free version of unity, I can publish it without a problem etc. But if I want my own splash screen and other features, what should I buy?
Do I have to buy Unity pro and Android pro at the same time (total of $3.000 which I can’t afford) or can I just buy Unity pro?

And by buying Unity Pro, can I still publish to Android? or is the Android add-on needed to publish with Unity pro?

Thanks for reading


Unity pro includes android basic. You can still publish android apps without the android add-on. The reason information might be confusing is due to the fact that not that long ago they started to allow anyone to publish android. Where as before it was if you wanted to publish android you had to have the android add-on. just read some of the stuff here. It should have all of the information you need.