Reverb audible from outside a reverb zone

So many reverb issues so little time.

If I hear two players battling in a reverb zone I would expect to hear the reverberation on their sounds though I'm not directly in the reverb zone.

Is Unity's reverb setup up this way?

Thanks Joshua Olmos

You'll notice there's a MIN and MAX distance for reverb zones. There are also two spheres on the ReverbZone object.

The min sphere (smaller one) is where the reverb is strongest and 100% concentrated. The larger sphere gradients out towards the edges to be lesser and lesser. Anything inside the small sphere gets full reverb, no matter where inside the small sphere you are.

What I would try doing is encompassing your entire reverberation "zone" (for instance, the inside of a house) completely of the min distance sphere.

Then, encompass everything else (perhaps the entire outside of the house) using the MAX distance sphere. Frankly, you could make max as large as you want, since your audios probably have specific ranges anyways and this way you can always hear the reverberation at least to some degree as long as the audio source is loud enough.

I believe this is how reverb zones are meant to be configured, but it's not made 100% clear.

No, the reverb zone works on the listener like you can read here. That means it distortionates everything you hear depending where you(the listener) are.

If you want a per audiosource reverb you can use the AudioReverbFilter but it's a Unity pro feature.