Scale with Screen Size different/bad render of UI pixelart images by resolution

I am using a Canvas Scaler with Scale with Screen Size and when I change my screen resolution (portrait mobile) my UI Images look different from my reference resolution (2160x3840). I use the match mode : match width or weight at 0.5.

For example, the pixel render looks crisp but distorded, like some pixels are looking bigger or smaller. The only way to make the render look good is to set the UI scale mode at Constant Pixel Size (makes sense because it doesn’t scale) I use point filter of course for the render and I disabled anti-aliasing. My non-UI elements (SpriteRenderer) look crisp on every resolution so it must be linked to the UI Unity canvas system.

I must add, this issue is only in “Game” tab, everything look nice in Scene “tab” and I tested it on devices and look bad too.

Do you have any idea on how to fix this ? My issue is very specific so it’s hard to find an answer.
Thank you !

Did you find an answer to this?

Hi, You can find the solution at this tutorial “[SOLVED] Full tutorial: Build 2D game fit to any device screen size, resolution in Unity 2018” From youtube:

(By Vivu Standard).