Setting Ironsource iOS App Storepage results in Error 508 - No Ads to Show


We recently just launched our App on iOS, and after we set the Store Page URL on our mediation Apps Page, it's resulted in every request for ads, test or not to return the error: "Error 508 - No Ads to Show"

I've narrowed it down to our specific store page causing Ironsource mediation to always fail to return ads.

Here’s what works and doesn’t work:

  • Ironsource Copy of our App with same placements, linked to App Store Page - FAIL
  • Swap to Ironsource Android App Key on iOS: PASS
  • Swap to iOS App Key from our previous game ID: PASS
  • Swap to fresh iOS Ironsource App with no other networks, linked to our App Store Page: FAIL
  • Swap to fresh iOS Ironsource App with no other networks, not linked to App Store Page: PASS

Because every configuration that doesn't link to our new App Store Page works, and every configuration that links to our App Store Page fails, we believe something is going wrong on the mediation end.

We've submitted a ticket to Ironsource over 36 hours ago and haven't heard a response. Our app is also currently featured so need this fixed soon.

I can get ads to return while using the Android App Key of our App. Is it safe to use to use an App Key linked to an Android version of an application on iOS of all of our ad providers are supported on both iOS and Android (Ironsource, UnityAds, AdMob).

Our package name is com.lamington.wordgame for reference.


Thanks for reaching to us. I can see that your situation is concerning: with your app being featured there is definitely a feeling of urgency. Unfortunately, I don't have the answers for you but I will try to find the proper person for you to get the support you need. I will keep you posted as soon as I can and hopefully we can get this resolved together as soon as possible.

Hi again!

This forum should be able to help you :, could you repost your question there please? :)

In the mean time, maybe this could help :