► Shader Graph Baker - Tool for baking a texture from Shader Graph ◄

Tool for baking Shader Graph nodes output into a common texture file.
Useful for creating procedural, gradient, noise or custom effect textures, generating normal and other types of maps, optimizing shader by replacing a complex set of static nodes with just one texture.

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Update v2022.4 features:

Exporting image sequence files separately:

Exporting image sequence files as Texture2DArray asset:

Exporting image sequence files as Atlas:

Hello there, I am interested in your asset. Is there a way to call the Bake method at runtime from a script ?

Yes. It is possible.

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With new update, now it is possible to create Texture3D files using Shader Graph.


With the new update (v2023.1) now it is possible to bake textures in runtime.

Looks really nice to have something "à la substance designer" inside unity. Will probably try it once time is available. Would love to integrate this in my workflow.

I know this was asked before, but just to make triple sure, I can change the shader’s properties during runtime on a built game, then bake those textures and store them so I can use them in the game?

Any properties that can be adjusted with ShaderGraph editor, also can be modified in run-time too and then shader can be baked into a texture.
Check the last chapter inside Manual file.

I am having trouble getting this asset to work. I have created a shader with procedural noise and wanted to bake it as a texture. the output image shows a jagged portion of what it should and is not correct. I also tried to replicate a shader that was shown in the manual and it still has the same output image as the first shader!? 9436121--1323215--2.PNG.jpg 9436121--1323218--asdf.png 9436121--1323221--1.PNG Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!

Unity version?
Render pipeline?
Can you send me your custom shader?

Unity version = 2022.3.4f1
Render Pipeline = URP
Attached is the gradient shader that I recreated from the manual. Is there a setting I'm missing or something? Thanks.

9437273--1323635--shader baker test.zip (3.54 KB)

At my side I can’t find any problems. Tool works as as expected.

Try attached file. Copy it to the Amazing Assets\Shader Graph Baker\Scripts folder.
Lets see if it works for you.

9438014–1323758–MaterialExtensions.cs (1.85 KB)