Sketchup models glowing like crazy in Unity...Why ?

I'll try to explain my problem in simple terms. I modeled object in sketchup,and use it's paintbucket tool to texture it. After some moving around,i managed to get it in unity as fbx (Unity 2.6.1 pro,but only as trial). I've used island demo scene setup,and simply added model to it (just modified terrain a bit). Model seems to be ok (textures in place etc.),but strange thing happens when i enter underwater and then exit.

This is pic before going underwater. alt text

And it looks like this when i exit. alt text

This affects every model i import,except models that are already in unity. And it also affects custom skyboxes.

Can someone explain me what am i doing wrong?

I know that underwater is causing this bug or what it is,but i just couldn't figure out if it can be fixed.

In the UnderwaterEffects script's Update () function, there are two instances of the line

glow.enabled = !below;

Like you, I found this behavior undesirable. An easy fix is to change both sets of that code to

glow.enabled = below;

or delete them both entirely.

The essence of the change is that in the original, glow is enabled when you're above water, which causes material colors to be blown out based on the alpha/transparency value. So, your other option is to turn down the opacity on the material color of your buildings.