Some SkinnedMeshRenderer components not rendered in animated mesh


I’ve read the FAQ about Skinned Meshes. AFAIK my mesh should be supported. All proper bones and no optimize gameobject enabled.
The thing is that 2 out of 3 SkinnedMeshRenderer in the mesh are being rendered. The third is nowhere to be seen. I don’t get any errors or warnings in any of the logs (Unity or XCode) related to the asset.
Is there a way to verify or detect issues with assets somehow? It’s super hard to figure out what’s wrong without any info.


I don’t know of any information you can extract that wouldn’t be in the logs, but if you’re able to submit a repro case with the model in a bug report and let us know the incident number (IN-#####), we can look into it.


The other thing you could try is when you build to RealityKit Simulator, you could attempt to visualize the Axes and possibly the Bounds to figure out if the SkinnedMeshRenderer is actually being set up on RealityKit and is invisible for one reason or another. If it’s being set up correctly, there should be axes corresponding to the SkinnedMesh’s bones, and if you have any animations playing, those axes will be moved.

A repro case with the model is still the best way for us to figure out what’s happening, but this may provide at least some information on whether the model is being set up correctly on RealityKit or wasn’t processed to begin with.

Turned out that a part of the skinned mesh was extending outside the VolumeCamera’s bounds causing the part to become invisible. Interesting to note is that the invisible part was fully inside the volume whereas the part extending outside the volume was visible.

Anyhow, it works now so I’m happy :slight_smile:

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