Spherical Chunk system for planet - How to calculate and create?

For this game that I am making, I am wanting to create procedurally generated planets, and need to get past the 65000 vertex limit. I found out that I need a chunk based LOD system. This would be easy for flat terrain, but mine will be spherical and need help to understand how I will achieve this. Would it be simpler to cut the mesh into separate objects and then expand upon their LOD, or have different leveled chunks in the editor waiting to be created? If I need to cut the mesh, how can I do that, have not seen a single tutorial or article about it?

You mean something like that? Note that this question was just about creating a sphere out of several patches. Of course for real big planets you would need to apply some sort of LOD system like you can see here. Since the whole sphere is made up of 6 “spherified” quads each quad can be splitted/ organised with a quad tree or similar technique to get the highest resultion around the camera.

I know this is an old thread, but this might help somebody:
Like Bunny83 said you would start by making a sphere out of 6 quads probably like this and then subdivide it into smaller pieces (chunks), Anyway I would recommend the linked tutorials because they also show things like how to easily add terrain to the planet and link up the chunks so that there are no ugly lines.