Spritesheet animation shake/jitter/wobble problem on android.

I have a weird problem with a spritesheet animation on android. The animation works great and smooth in the editor, but on android it ‘randomly’ shakes the sprite each frame. This problem happens with all animations of small and large texture sizes.

I have a 4096x4096 spritesheet that holds all frames of the animation. I used the grid by cell count (9x9) to slice the sheet in the sprite editor. I then made an animation on my canvas image object. Each frame of the animation has one frame of the spritesheet.

I have absolutely no clue to what’s going on here, and googling finds almost no similar cases.

I am a noob, but I think the sprite are misaligned, usually happens when you create sprite (2d ui) … in multiple … not good … it offends you but happens to you like the pc. sprites move the bird or only supposed to sleep z move. reviewed in Editos sprite if well aligned each imajen sprite. but like I said I’m quisas noob is something else. but it is the first thing I would do.

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