stuck movement in all unity games

On my main machine in any unity project that allows movement, I am always stuck in a "backwards" movement and in most cases I am also turning one way or another. ALL means, anything from the editor, compiled games, and webplayer projects as well.

I have discovered that it is the fault of my machine to some extent. It does not happen on my laptop.

All my drivers are up to date, windows is up to date, Unity is up to date, happens when booting to windows7 and windows xp.

Any tips or suggestions on fixing this, other than buying a new machine?


Try this:

Uninstall “VJoy virtual joystick” from your machine.

Worked great for me.

This is old. How was this in the first few questions? Argh.

Oh well. The answer could very well be that you need to unplug your controller or other input device. You’ve got a funky deadzone / joystick. Happens to me a lot.

The problem I had was due to a ProFlight Footpedal/Rudder, I used it to play a FlightSim and also as “Jump” in MMOS and FPS… It works fine with EVERYTHING except… Unity.

Once I unplugged it Unity started working fine.

I would recommend you unplug ALL controllers, joysticks, G13, Nostromos,etct To see if any were the cause of the movement problem.

If you really want to use the controller try to disable any JoyStick functions or work with some work and calibration software reset things and make sure it has a good sized Deadzone.