two projects in the same time

Hello! I want to open two projects in the same time in unity 5.1
Please help me!

1.) Open the Unity editor.
2.) Open Project #1
3.) Open another Unity editor. (In Windows, shift-click a start menu icon to start a new instance rather than just switching to the existing one)
4.) Open Project #2 in the new instance.

I actually do this all the time when I need to transfer files from one project to another!

  1. Open project #1
  2. Open Unity Hub again and click on the other project you need to open.
  3. Done!

If this doesn’t work, I’m terribly sorry, but this is how I always do it.

For anyone still experiencing this in 2021…

Unity Hub no longer allows you to have two or more instances of a project open at the same time. The way to work around this is to make a copy of your entire project into another folder. Then Unity Hub will recognise them as different projects and you’ll be able to have 2 instances open.

It’s not possible to open more than one project.