Unity compiles assets from previous builds into an empty scene?

I notice Unity stuffs assets I’ve used for scenes in previous Builds into a Blank scene. (My builds have been getting bigger and bigger as a result of this ‘leak’. To isolate the issue, I am Building a completely empty scene, but the Builder still thinks there are assets that should belong to it, thus making a huge blank webplayer.unity3d. At first it was 90Mb! So i deleted tons of assets i don’t use anymore, and luckily Unity gave up looking for those, but this continues to be a problem… Does anyone know if there is a file somewhere that I can clear/reset so it will rediscover what I actually need in a scene?

SOLUTION! (Destroy those Hidden Resources Folders!!!)

User ‘whydoidoit’ points out: Anything in a Resources folder will be included whether it is referenced or not.

Now, I assumed that this only applied to a Resources folder at the highest level … BUT this is in fact true for ANY ‘resources’ folder found anywhere! So, if for example you wantto use the ‘Tropical Nature Pack’ - (from the unity store), you will find hundreds of assets tucked away in gobs of hidden ‘resources’ folders, thus an empty scene in your project will build up to 80Mb, even though you may not reference any of these hundreds of assets! The Solution is: KILL ALL THESE UNNECESSARY RESOURCE FOLDERS! Phew Thanks for pointing this out Mr. ‘whydoidoit’ !! :slight_smile:

Hi Steve, i have the same issue right now, when i build an empty scene the size of the app go to 300MB! It’s insane. How you do that “Destroy hidden resources folder”?