Unity iOS build colors look dull compared to how it looks in unity editor.

Hello, I have been trying to figure this out for days, and I feel as if I am stuck. When I build my game to iOS the colors look slightly duller, and it is pretty noticeable in comparison to testing it out on Unity editor.
Things I have tried:
-Adding P3 color gamut on top of sRGB in Unity iOS settings
-Using POT texture sizes
-overriding texture settings for iOS to use pvrtc even though astc is the standard for iOS still no luck either way
-adding unlit shader to textures
-changing color space from linear to gamma, but when I change to gamma I get this “sRGB formats are not supported in gamma mode, fallback to a UNorm format” error. Idk if this would do anything though.
I use pngs too if that means anything.
Does scaling texture sizes in editor (i.e. x2, x3) do anything to color when building?

Please does anyone know how to fix this???

P.S. THIS is a 2d Pixel art game not 3d so would lighting matter?
Thank you for your time