Unity Learn - videos are unwatchable due to the low bandwidth


I am trying to watch: " Unity for Animation: Road to Realtime Live Series", the video’s of the Live Session is unwatchable due to the low bandwidth. Tested on Firefox and Chrome, I have 1GB link and youtube and all the other streaming services work perfect. There is another link on youtube or another streaming platform, maybe a way to download the videos.

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Yeah. This problem started yesterday for me. I can’t watch the videos(Junior Programmer Pathway) either. Videos look glitchy. I tried to watch Unity Learn videos with different browsers (Chrome, Brave, Firefox, Edge), but all of them have the same problem. I’ve even tried to watch the vids on different devices; however, problem persisted. I don’t know why, but even in videos I watched without any issues two days ago, this problem occurred.

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I have same problem started yesterday…

Absolutely the same problem. Tried Firefox, Chrome and Edge.

Yeah I’m having this exact same issue, however I am happy to know it’s not just me and that it is affecting multiple different users.

Today it already works well

Thanks, it works for me also. Let hope is fixed.

Sorry about this late message. But in case you were wondering…

The Learn team investigated and discovered the root cause of the issue and deployed the fix the next day of the issue occurrence, which was Friday Aug 18th.