Virtual Camera & Face Capture apps: details and documentation

The cinematic companion apps are new tools that leverage the capabilities of augmented-reality-enabled iPads and iPhones to capture performances within Unity. These apps operate alongside the Unity Editor as input devices.

What are the cinematic companion apps exactly?

  • Unity Virtual Camera: an app that allows you to use your mobile device to drive the Unity camera. You can record movement, rotation, focus, zoom, and more to achieve a handheld look-and-feel.

  • Unity Face Capture: an app that allows you to animate facial expressions. You can record facial animations and head angle, saving animators many hours of time and effort.

What are the system requirements for Unity Virtual Camera?

  • iPad or iPhone with:

  • iOS 14.5 or later

  • ARKit support (implied with the required iOS version)

  • Windows 10 or macOS workstation with:

  • Unity Editor 2020.3.16f1 or later

  • Unity Live Capture package

What are the system requirements for Unity Face Capture?

How do I get started?

On your iOS device:

On your Windows or macOS workstation:

  • Install Unity Editor 2020.3.16f1 or later.

  • Create a project from the High Definition RP template.

  • Install the Live Capture package.

  • Note:* To get the latest available version, in the Package Manager, select Add package by name, and specify, and version 3.0.0-pre.6.

  • Set up the connection between Unity and the apps as per the documentation instructions.

Where's the documentation?

  • A downloadable guide (Live-Capture-Apps-Startup-Guide.pdf) is attached to this post. It includes detailed instructions to install and set up the Live Capture package and the apps, as well as a few tutorials to help you use the apps along with the Unity Editor.

  • The Live Capture package documentation is also available online for reference.

How can I provide feedback?

Start a thread in this forum and let us know what you think! Are you happy? Did you build something using the tools? Let us know! Are we missing something you need? Let us know! Found a bug? DEFINITELY let us know!

We hope you're as excited to use these tools as we are to bring them to you.

7149901--961348--Live-Capture-Apps-Startup-Guide.pdf (1.31 MB)


Hi folks! Today, we’re very excited to announce the official release of the Unity Virtual Camera and Unity Face Capture apps.