Weird pink glow on certain objects

So I have been having this lighting problem for a little while. Certain objects will glow pink. If I import a model from SketchUp or merely apply a standard environment texture to my terrain it begins glowing. If I use other textures on my terrain it goes away. I can also fix the problem by changing my textures to Unlit-Texture. It started quite recently. I got the bug on a scene I was working on; then when I went back to a finished scene, I got the bug on that scene as well. Interesting note: when I restart the scene via code, the lighting bug goes away; but when I build the game the lighting bug is there for good. :frowning: Here is a pic of the Hill Albedo grass texture on an empty terrain: EDIT: Yeah if I simply add a cube to the game it doesn’t glow :slight_smile:

These are reflections from the skybox, in the last version of unity there is a bug when compressing a skybox during light process.

Just go in the Lighting panel and set compression to “Uncompressed” and build your scene.