what _TerrainAutoUpgrade is?

After upgrade to 2018.3.0b1 there is _TerrainAutoUpgrade folder was created in Assets folder. Is this something temporal or this is some new feature? I use git for version control and I doubt about should I put this folder under version control or not. Maybe this folder is misplaced and should be in Library folder?

I haven't upgraded an older project with a terrain system yet, but I'm guessing this folder holds an updated version of your terrain that will work with the new terrain system in 2018.3

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After some experiments I come to this guess:

New terrain system create new type of assets "layers" which hold infomation about terrain textures. In upgrade it create this assets for each texture in terrain and stores them in _TerrainAutoUpgrade folder. One can move/rename this assets. But there is a issue (Case 1081612) - this exported layer-assets unlinked from terrain-asset after upgrade (issue reproduced only on upgraded terrain, terrain created with 2018.3 works fine)

That is correct. 2018.3 brings some new changes to Terrain. The concept of Terrain Layers/Materials as assets is one of them. The _TerrainAutoUpgrade folder houses the generated Terrain Layer assets that were pulled from older Terrain created with older versions of Unity. These are used for painting texture on Terrain.

@alex-av , thanks for created a bug report for that!

Should I ignore this folder from git or commit?

Nope! Make sure you add it to your version control. The data in that folder is used for Terrain splatmaps, etc. You can rename it and move the assets around as you wish but should definitely include that data in version control


I have _TerrainAutoUpgrade folder moved to the other folder to make it cleaner project root, but it keeps rebuilding that folder with its content everytime I open the project. :( So now I have 2 of the same folder. Is there way to move that folder and not reproduce it everytime?

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@castor76 which version of unity are you on?

Unity 2018.3.b12

Thanks. I'll see if I can reproduce this

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To be 100% more accurate, I have moved it into Standard Assets folder. If that counts for anything.