What is the goal for Upscalers on URP?

Last dev blitz I asked for these upscaling features like DLSS on URP, but it seems at the time priority was given to TAA. But imo TAA is obsolete, in the vast majority of games DLSS/FSR/XeSS on ultra quality or quality mode exceed the quality of TAA .

And it's so in demand the feature is demanded on all PC games regardless of performance. Cause not only is it a performance enhancer, but it mitigates the "blurry" appearance many gamers see with TAA.

Even DF added it a symptom of a lousy PC port to not include ALL upscaling solutions.

And many game get criticized for having one upscaling solution only, like having FSR but no DLSS, etc.

Yet I don't see anything about upscaler implementations on the roadmap for either pipeline.

I also find it odd things like frame generation haven't been added to support yet on HDRP. Which is a feature not just good for high fidelity, but things like lower end 40 series laptops.

What is unitys viewpoint on this currently?


I was about to make my own thread but I'll piggy back on this. I also want to know what Unity's plans are on this. It's such a vital feature to squeeze out more performance that I don't know why this isn't implemented yet.

Some forum members even made a breakthrough by making FSR2 work on mobile and older consoles: https://discussions.unity.com/t/899179 page-3#post-9015106


We recognize the trend and the need for upscalers and the vast amounts of them with different techniques and hardware requirements, so we are working on a framework that will allow us and our partners to support more upscalers in URP and HDRP in the future in a much better structured and scalable way.


When do you expect this to release?

Which leads me to another question. Its hard to ignore the worrying trend of Unity getting slower and slower to release any features. Up-scalers is a perfect example to show that even players are well aware of their existence and expect them, yet its not even on the roadmap for Unity.

To me, this is a critical failure of a games engine.

Unitys job is to save everyone from reinventing the wheel and games tech evolves quickly. If we get tech for upscalers next year (a generous estimate given Unitys track record) then its very late to the party.

So my question is this. What is being done to fix the time it takes to deliver new features?

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Not to speak for unity, but from what I’ve seen them say unifying the URP and HDRP teams and the foundations of those pipelines should make it easier to delivery features to both. But that process needs to be complete first.

I’m pretty sure they said something like this in another post, just not sure which.

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Note that the work done on TAA on URP is the baseline to be able to support temporal upscalers like DLSS in the future.


Looks like FSR2.2 (DX11 only) was added to URP by AMD.