Where do I put this piece of code (to fix ORTHO view and Toony)?

I was told by skovacs to use this code to make the orthographic view of the camera still work on the toony outline material. But where do I put the code? (normally I would comment but he didn't respond)

v2f vert(appdata v) {
    v2f o;
    o.pos = v.vertex;
    o.pos.xyz += v.normal.xyz *_Outline;
    o.pos = mul(UNITY_MATRIX_MVP, o.pos);
    o.color = _OutlineColor;
    return o;

If you open your Toony - Basic Outline.shader you will see coding in there that looks almost exactly like this with a few differences. Cut that out, and past this in.

Half sure that'll go in the toony shader you're using.

Though, I haven't messed with them myself so I can't tell you exactly. (perhaps over writing something in there already?)

Double-click on the toon shader you're using in the project view. (It should be in Standard Assest/Toon Shading/Sources/Shaders) In that source you'll find a function named the same as the one you posted. Replace the original function with your new one.

Edit: Missed the final folder in the path.