Why a basic unity terrain has low resolution on the borders? (image included)

As you can see from the image, the terrain has really low resolution on the borders, i’ve tried increasing the heightmap resolution, but no change whatsoever (or really minor change). Ironically, when i click and hold on the scene to increase/decrease the height of terrain, it does show well defined borders, which is exactly what i’m looking for, but then when i release it goes back to this (image). Anyone can try this, all i did was add a terrain, decrease a bit the height, and start increasing the terrain on the editor and you can see what i’m saying, how can i improve this?


This is a side effect of level of detail (LOD). For performance reasons, the whole high-res terrain can’t (shouldn’t) be drawn at once, so instead it is loaded in sections, with the chunks that are further away rendered at a lower detail level, hence why the terrain is low-resolution here - you are far enough away that the LODs are kicking in. The new terrain system (from 2018.2+ I believe) is supposed to have fixed this, by sampling surface normals from the heightmap rather than from the actual terrain mesh - meaning the terrain will ‘look’ high res at any distance, but still keep proper LODs. All you can really do is mask those edges with textures/details.