Why I can't connect to server on my vps

I successfully run my game server at my windows vps (2008) but can’t connect from home.

function Start () { Network.InitializeServer(16, 7776, false); }

I’m sure there is no blocking on the vps. I shutted down all firewall things.
When I’m on local, I can connect my game server with my client.
What I need do to open it for public?

Note : I did run it successfully at 3.2 last year because I used masterserver.registerhost. But when I try to use masterserver now, it says “The connection request … : 23466 is failed.”.

am I need to use masterserver for public servers? Sorry I don’t have any idea. If anyone experienced like this, help make me pleased.

This depends on where your server is hosted or to be more precise if the server has a real public IP address and all ports are allowed. For example if you host a server behind a NAT router, it isn’t accessible from the internet unless you configured a port-forwarding-rule in your router. When using a masterserver this usually isn’t necessary since with the help of the masterserver you can “punch-through” your router, but only if the router “supports” (doesn’t prevent) it.

Sorry. The vps blocked my UDP ports. I changed the vps company.