Why is Text considered "legacy"?

When adding UI elements, standard Text is now moved to Legacy and given a name "Text (Legacy)"

TMP doesn't support some features that standard Text does, what will happen to standard Text in the future?

You should ask TMP/Text questions on the UI forum, it's not a 2D feature nor are any of the UI features.

I'll move your post.

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oops! Thanks

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If i were to guess, much like many legacy components, it will remain in there for a long long while yet.

I wish to see some explanation here. Legacy text component was simply showing all characters of all localizations my project has but since I started migration to TMPro I found that it shows empty squares instead of some absolutely random symbols. And for this new approach to UI text unfortunately I can't say that "it simply works", I have to do investigation of what is wrong, what is glyph atlas and why it has such a limited set of characters, start new unexpected shaman dancing and solve problems to support localized strings.

Dredging up ancient threads instead of starting your own.

If you don't like TMP, don't use it.

Here's the explanation: the codebase for Text probably had technical and manpower limitations.

While you say it supported more complete character support for all your languages, it also suffered from a lack of customizations and could only be used in simple situations. A third party started from scratch and made TextMeshPro, using a whole different approach to managing text in a way that has tons of customizations, can be animated, can work with more shaders and at very high zoom levels, and the list goes on. The shortcoming of TextMeshPro is that it absolutely needs an image asset for every glyph it renders using the GPU, instead of relying on the underlying OS and CPU to choose and render glyphs. Unity, who probably didn't want to spend any more manpower fixing the older bugs, decided the benefits were worth buying the TextMeshPro product and incorporating it. Those who wanted customizations and complex shaders and animations prefer it. The code is probably easier to maintain than the 2005 codebase for "Legacy" text. Those who were experts in that ancient code are probably long gone from the company.

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