World Space UI overlapping

The lower Canvas (Peasant) is visible through the higher Canvas (Veteran Knight). I want them to overlap correctly. How to fix this?

Additionally a shadow on the lower card would be much appreciated.

I realize this is an old question, but have you tried simply moving the Veteran Night up a little (in Y-Direction)? Simply select it and then use the movement tool (W on your Keyboard) to move the card upwards.

The reason the objects are in the wrong Order is “Z-Sorting”: Before rendering, the engine determines which object is further away from the camera. Since both have the same distance from the camera, this test fails and the result is pretty much random, so in your case the wrong card is drawn first. Moving it closer to the camera makes sure the test doesn’t fail and the upper card is drawn after the lower card, effectively hiding the lower card - making it overlap correctly.