Back to Collaborate from Plastic SCM

I want to turn off the Plastic SCM and start using Collaborate as it was before. We are get used to it and we don’t need Plastic SCM. I turned off Plactic SCM in its preferences, turned on Collaborate and I get this error

[Collab] ReposController::CreateRepoError: Organization has been migrated to Plastic SCM, refusing to create new project in Collab. Please see:

And Collaborate window says:

Cannot get revision from server.

I have Unity Collaborate Package version of 1.7.1

It’s like the error says, the projects in your organization have been migrated to Plastic SCM, so you cannot revert back to Collaborate. This is Unity’s replacement to Collaborate. If you follow the documentation, it’s pretty easy to set up Plastic SCM, it works almost like Collaborate, there are extra features like branching but you can ignore those if they are not needed for your project.