Bug report utility is really bad


I'm using unity with different intensity for ages since 2014(currently using Unity 2021). "Bug report" utility didn't evolved at all in terms of usability as far as I can remember. It's still looks like something from "potato" age of software or Windows 3.11, when PC user had to be a well-educated person with expertise in computer science.

Every time when Unity Editor is crushing on my PC for some reason - I have no idea why. Because of that - I can't write even a simple a bug report, because I have no idea why it is crashed in a first place. In theory I can try to figure out, and make this report properly... BUT! I don't want to spend time in searching answers in logs, since I'm not the owner of this software, and not a developer of Unity, and don't receive salary to do that!

I want to spend time on development of my little projects, or study some features/assets in Unity. I don't want to spend hours in searching for information that required just to fill a simple bug-report. I believe, that there are enough developers in Unity office who receive salary to make a proper bur-reporting tool, so myself, or any other new Unity user won't be scared by inability to handle a bug report due to awful design and functionality of this utility.

I want to have a simple 1-click solution, that will do this work for me, instead of ignoring countless opportunities to sent a report due to how awful this feature works in Unity. I'm writing this post since I've lost my patience about how this utility was ignored by Unity developers, and I probably not the only one who is skipping to sent a bug report which surely makes works on engine improvements and optimization worse. A lot of developers just avoiding this awful utility. And absence of report - won't help to make Unity better.

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Crash bug reports with no repro steps get closed and discarded anyway, so I don’t know what you’re expecting.

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there used to be this idea,
"If it is a CRASH bug, please always report it no matter what if you could attach reproduce steps or a project or not, or even if it occurs randomly. Because crash contains stack trace that is always automatically helpful."

but i guess it never really worked..

That's why bug-reporting tool need an upgrade in a first place. It should collet required data without me remembering what I've done in engine for last 5 minutes... because I don't know... maybe me switching between different tabs in browser did something, or maybe my RAM has damaged sectors, or connection of additional screen, or maybe a billion of other factors/actions did something bad to Unity. Ordinary user shouldn't deal with reports, unless he is on 100% sure about what may cause an issue.

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that would require bug reporter to be always running in background,
collecting/"spying" user actions, processes and mode,
that probably wouldn't end up well..

theres specific tools to scan system and ram issues.

I would go one step further and say no one should deal with bug reports. They are a waste of time.

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Or Unity should just have a proper logging records, or something else, I don't know - I'm not the one who receiving salary to think about it. I'm here to scream about the issue, so maybe developer will finally notice, that there is a problem, that was neglected in ages, and maybe, just maybe, will change it for good.

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It does auto add the editor logs to the bug report, it’s just nobody wants to look at them without user submitted repro steps.

I think that their strategy is that if a user isn’t willing to sacrifice their work day, they don’t need to consider fixing the bug.

Maybe. Maybe not. It's not my job to tell developers how to work. I'm just a user who shouting about issue.

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